B.R.M Chronographs

Sporting a BRM watch for the first time is like admiring a line of cars with extraordinary engineering on the starting line of a mythical race. The superior mechanical performance unites with human desire to surpass ordinary expectations: to push the outer limits of human indulgence! Wearing one of these superb timepieces makes a personal statement about life. It is like a commitment to the most beautiful competition ever. You are passionate about life and live it 100% to the max!

Attached securely to your wrist, like a race pilot to the bucket seat, a BRM watch is created to meet the most demanding requirements. Entirely hand crafted, each timepiece is unique. Case pieces, clasps, pushers, lugs, crown and hands, all are designed, manufactured, polished and brushed in our workshop; with our specialists personally supervising the specific and highly distinctive finish for each individual model.

BRM watches are produced in small series. They will never be mass-produced. That is why our clientele will always feel special. Part of an exclusive Race Car set, a member of the elite Top Gun club.