The Snyper brand was born in 2008, when watchmaking enthusiast encountered a Special Forces sniper.  Their discussion led them to realize that their respective worlds had a lot in common, notably the same demanding need for high quality: robustness, precision, technology, and functional design.  A few months later, in January 2009, Snyper was launched with a mission to manufacture a unique new style of top quality watch, based on innovative design and values of excellence that have contributed to the worldwide reputation of military Special Forces.  The Snyper brand has since created four Distinct collections: Snyper One, Snyper Two, Snyper F117 Tourbillon, anf Snyper Ironclad.  All of these products were researched and manufactured according to the same rigorous requirements and a refusal to compromise on design or production quality.  The same applies to Snyper modules, which are lifestyle accessories par excellence. These original objects are based on innovative design that continually push technological barriers.