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Both klokers timepiece and bracelet are stand-alone fashion interchangeable accessories.

Express your uniqueness and wear your KLOK-01, KLOK-02, or both as you want: as a watch on your wrist or as a pocket watch. Or invent your own style thanks to the klokers accessory set: on your notebook, on your desk, in your bag, etc.


In 1879, Sir Sandford Fleming proposed his idea to divide the world into time zones. In 1884, during the International Meridian Conference, Greenwich, England was chosen as the international standard for zero degrees longitude. With Fleming’s revolutionary concept and the establishment of the Greenwich Meridian began the notion of universal time, greatly facilitating travel, trading and communication in an increasingly industrialized world.


KLOK-02 displays the current time in one of the 24 world time zones in the jumping hours window on the bottom half of the dial. The zones, depicted by a prominent city, are changed by simply pressing the pusher at 4 o’clock. A longer press displays the date. With time continually flowing, minutes and seconds are displayed around the top half of the dial via multi-level retrograde indicators.



-Time display: jump hour in the window; retrograde seconds and minutes.
-Date display: pressing (during 5 seconds) the pushbutton at five o’clock enables you to display the day, set by a perpetual calandar.
– Time zone: a simple pressure on the pushbutton at five o’clock enables you to choose your time zone from among 24 international cities.


-The klokers key: pushbutton at eight o’clock to unlock the watch head from its base
-Material: Plastic casing and grained effect imitation leather covering. Metal ring, pushbutton and crown
-Dimensions: 43.2 mm wide x 13.2 mm deep
-Water tightness: waterproof, down to 5 m
– Glass: domed anti-reflective polymethyl methacrylate


– Swiss Made
– SOPROD Mechatronic
– Five micro-motors
– TI Microcontroller
– 3V battery


Two-year warranty against all production defects.